Monday, July 23, 2012

Tonight's yum!

I'm not much in the mood for wild, drunken sex this evening. I mean, I wouldn't say no or anything like that. I just want to have a cocktail or four with someone who's down to earth... and loves to make out. Hee hee.

The sweet lass above has that look. Well, appearances can be decieving and this might be an image of a spoiled dominatrix riding home after beating a mans balls with a patent leather heel. Who knows?

Be advised: Things are slow while I process yet another round of "back to square one" However, there's a new Dirty Carl peeking around the corner. It's looking at you and it has a lot to say about you too. Oh, snap!


Nanyi Lidia said...

Hi, i liked your blog :) It's strange to see someone so active since 2012 robot, are you a girl?

Oh, robot said...

I'm not a girl. If I were, I'd have a date tonight. Instead, I have a pecker. I use it to go to the restroom. Mostly. Thanks for stopping by!