Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Story of Earth Girl Helen Brown

Every once in a while a record will come out that bowls me over. Usually these types of records aren't very good, but they have a certain something that tickles me. Story of an Earth Girl by Earth Girl Helen Brown is one of those albums.

It's not even a real record. It's not even a real band. I mean, yeah, it's a human being with breasts and a vagina singing and a flesh and blood backing band supplying the back beat...

In reality, Helen Brown is really Heidi Alexander of the Sandwitches joined by Sonny Smith and Co. This was probably a one off project, but I sure hope not.

There is a song called Hit after Hit on this album that makes me feel... well, sultry as Hell and that ain't no easy task my friends.

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heavy hedonist said...

well, your comment button is hard to find, sirrah. make it bigger, and we might say something!

nice to hear Spinal Tap.