Monday, July 23, 2012

Thee hounds of foggy notion

With a bit of inspiration from fellow music nerd "C" (who made me revisit a few other Oh Sees records), I spun this record a few times this week and I've got to say... mornings go better with John Dwyer.

I absolutely can't front on this guy. He puts out 6000 records a year and makes sure the artwork is solid and the vinyl has good colors. Not only that, but he always shouts out his pals.

It's like the closest thing to having a Rock N' Roll pope.

On this record, and if you've never heard it... you're probaly an asshole... O.C.S. take it down about, fifty notches and the end product is definitely pleasing.

Please go out and buy this record because it comes with a DVD of all the performances on the album. It's worth the price of admission for Brigid Dawson's teeth. So crooked... so beautiful, let's kiss!

That's her pictured up there. Yum!

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