Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Happy Independence Day to everyone who celebrates it. I'm pretty sure that most folks are smiling today and gathered around BBQ pits with friends and family. I'm aware that there are approximately seven hundered and fifty thousand drunken uncles that will do something off putting on this day more than other day of the year. Not me.

I will spend the day washing my hands and heart of everything that makes it feel less than sparkly. And why not? There isn't any sense in being dirty (unless she asks for it) and besides, the heart, like an engine, cannot run as intended if it gets too much build up in and around its movable parts. Keep it clean string bean.

I will say one thing though... I'm really put off by how many times I get close to feeling like I finally reach bliss only to discover that I've been standing in a mud puddle. It sucks pretty bad to continuously be back at square one, (is this board game rigged?) but I guess practice makes perfect, right?

I'm also convinced that it's timing that is really the enemy of love and happiness. It isn't me. However, it's easy to start blaming yourself and sometimes it is appropriate to do so, but lately it's just timing. I mean, am I a fool for wanting to spend my time loving someone or am I a fool for wanting to love people who are in less than perfect emotional states? I'll go with the latter.

So, while I'm busy being forced to gather my tools at the drawing board, I hope the rest of you are rocking and rolling and hugging and kissing and laughing and drinking and dancing your little hearts out today! Have fun. I mean it. Also, there's no watermelon like free watermelon... just don't forget to spit out the seeds, ya dig?

Dirty Carl # 22 happens later on today. Stay dutifully tuned you beautiful goons.


The Smiling Mommy said...

I have been trying to find my way, and place in this world for 20+ years. It's always a work in progress. I'm starting to believe we don't really "get" it until the end. That's depressing. I think for me, I'm trying to learn to have fun during the learning process. Take the good with the bad? I have 3 chidlren, my oldest being 9, and I'm still learning to be a good Mom. I just honestly think it's always going to be a process, and we're always going to be learning something from each good and bad experience. You'll find your way, even if you're standing in a mud puddle. In fact I think the bad times mold us better than the good anyway. Just be true to you, and the rest falls into place. We're from two different worlds, but I completely "get" everything your saying. Not sure why that should help you, but I'm hoping it does somehow... Smiles!! Amy

Oh, robot said...

You've always been kind to me Amy. :)

The Smiling Mommy said...
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Oh, robot said...

The Smiling Mommy said...
First I have something to tell you that's kind of funny, when I'm reading something of yours, I always go "Ohhhh robot" like all drawn out and lovey dovey! HAHA! What is that?! LOL!!! I think if we know eachother for the next 30 years I'll always call you Robot. We need to share some music too one of these days. You know since I've so boldly decided we shall be friends forever!! LMAO! I'm DYING to know more about the younger beautiful woman, and the love story behind it, whether it's meant to be or not, I'm dying to know it! My email is __________ Email me some time ok? oh also, I've been there where you are diggin' someone, and everyone including yourself says NO FREAKING WAY DUDE! That sucks bad, but I've been there none the less. Email me! Let's chat! Hugs and SMILES!!! ohhhhhhh robot! :/ OH WAIT one more thing, (I talk alot) that wasn't the one more thing, I found you by hitting the "next blog" button, and was intriqued by the first post. I saw some awesome music I liked and that was that, I stalked you immediately. Take that in the least creepy way you can ok? HAHA! Now I'm going, K? BYE!