Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wanda Jackson and Jack: His newest Loretta?
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So the latest news about Jack White isn't that the White Stripes will be playing again. Unfortunately, it isn't that the dreadful Dead Weather has disbanded. It's not about his collaboration with some R&B singer either.

Actually, depending on how you look at it, the news that he's going to produce old school and still kicking, Rockabilly gal, Wanda Jackson might be a good thing. I say might because some may be a bit skeptical as whether or not he can top his work on Van Lear Rose. This isn't to say that Wanda Jackson isn't incredible. She's as true as a pistol whip. It's nice to see JW is working with someone who can bring out the best in him.

As most of my readers know, he has been really freaking me out for a while now, but once again I'm going to have faith. I also hear that he trying to produce a Rolling Stones record...

I'm still hoping that him and Greg cartwright sit down for coffee someday soon.

Anyway kittens, here's a nice little Wanda Jackson album to get you acquainted with the woman who most people refer to as "The Queen of Rockabilly." She dated Elvis. I don't know why that's weird right now.


samantha said...

Ummmm.... I hear the record is going to rock, hard. Hard rock psychedelic type stuff. This could be ten times better and more interesting than the Loretta record...which I thought was brilliant.

liza jane said...

i saw wanda last september in atl at the drive-invasion. she still got all of it man. i bet it will rock.

fuck dead weather that shit sucks.

Anonymous said...

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