Monday, November 30, 2009

In your bedroom.

Click here for less affection than ever.

Hello boys and girls, how are you all doing? Hopefully you're all well and have most of your teeth. You need those... teeth of yours. Most importantly to chew, but you knew that didn't you? Anyway, I could sit here and complain about life until my bones get old and shatter like so many bones in Bud Dwyer's skull, but I figure it'd be better of me to sit here, feel good, and offer up a cool record to my close friends. We are friends, right?

(waits about six seconds for sped up dramatic pause and wonders if you're morbidly curious about the bold face link above)

... I thought so, punks.

Tonight is as good as any other night to grab yourself and then grab yourself somethin' strong to sip on. Yes, you read it right. I'd like you to listen to what Craig Fox of The Greenhornes has been up to since he and the boys released Sewed Soles. I'm not saying this album is ground breaking, but it is fun. It's equal parts 60's rock n' roll and meathead/ caveman adjacent.

Like I said, get drunk, put your fingers somewhere she ain't gonna mind and boogie to the barstool rock of the Cincinnati Suds. Barstool Rock. It's a new genre I just invented. You can take a picture with me later.


Anonymous said...

You didn't have to wait 6 seconds, we are friends. Thanks for all the goodies, I REALLY appreciate it.

Your Buddy.

PS- Any chance of getting any Shams?

Oh, robot said...

Yes. I'll have to re-rip all of them from the wax so give me time. ;)

Anonymous said...

You are the man!

Oh, robot said...

Hey Anonymous, did you see that I have some Shams that were already there? Check it out! ;)

Anonymous said...

I did, and thank you very much for them. left me wanting more. And you my friend are the only one who has them.

I will patiently wait until you post them. Again, thank you for all the other goodies.

Your Buddy