Monday, November 30, 2009

Unclaimed conversations Part 65: Tekisha.


Awww shit! Me and Kiki was down at the mall and this nigga stept up and was like "You got a lighter?" Nigga had a blunt hangin' out his mouth and shit. He was mad cute though. I was like "Nah... fuck that my nigga, you know you gotta blunt hangin' out your mouth? You can't be all in here like that....." but somethin' was tellin' me to stay right there and shit. I chilled and talked to him... you know? Shit... I was like "whatchu doin'??!!" and he was like, just looking at me all tastin' me wit' his eyes an' shit. Mmmm... that nigga look good! I broke out though because I'm not tryin' to do no dirt on my boo cuz I love him. He gonna be out soon. Been six months already, but I'ma stay strong while he locked up. But daaaamn, that other nigga looked good even more. I gave that nigga my number mad quick, but I I felt guilty, you know? I can't wait til tomorrow when he call. I ain't gonna do nothin' wit' him, but I wanna hang out with that nigga. Say word... yo, my moms is trippin' and shit lately. She like, drinkin' all the time and not comin' home and shit. Damn yo, I wish that bitch would change back! I miss my moms. Anyways, I don't want to be chillin' in the crib when she's there so I'm prolly gonna call him. That nigga don't got no car though. I'm like, Nigga, I ain't takin' the train to no motherfuckin' club and shit and have me walkin' back home all barefoot. Nah, I didn't tell him that, but still...


Tekisha doesn't exist except for in my brain. I'm not going to post it, but it should be noted that I have written an entire diary as her. I squeezed it in between moments when I wasn't thinking about other shit. If you're nice, I may even give her her very own advice column.


liza jane said...

dear tekisha,

me and my boy have been together a long time and its starting to get predictable... how can i bring back some magic?

thnx, boredbaby

Oh, robot said...

Dear Boredbaby,

Look... first thing you gotta be tellin' yourself is why shit be like that. I know what you sayin' though... I used to see this nigga DeShaun everyday and shit, but how many action movies can a bitch watch? Nah mean? So I asked myself "How I'm gonna spice it up like we was two new boos?" The answer was simple... I axed my homegirl Maria, she spanish... to come by my house for some weed and Alize. I knew she couldn't hold that shit and after like, three drinks she was takin' he shirt off and shit. Now me and my nigga is new boos again.

Tim said...

please do this advice column

Oh, robot said...

Tekisha awaits your correspondence. Muthafuckaz.

Anonymous said...