Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Johnny Powers - Long blonde hair

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"Well, I love you baby... I love your style... When you walk the bop you drive me wild... I loved you once... I'll love you twice... Big, blonde baby you're awful nice...

Well, long blonde hair... rose red lips... When you walk the bop my heart just flips... I love you so... I can't let go... Big blonde baby I love you so"

Johnny Powers is another musician in the long line of Michigan Rock N' Roll demons. Sure, he wasn't breaking new ground back in 1957, but what he did, oh baby, he did so well.

Here's a little fun fact:

Jazzman Stan Getz plays guitar on the title track. On an unrelated note, this is much better choice for the guitar than Bernie Goetz, who may have gotten upset somewhere during the recordings.

Download this shit if you like dark streets, switchblade rumbles, and fine chicks in leather jackets.

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