Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Music to my ears: Agent Ribbons


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Well, would you look at that...it's Monday night again. I always enjoy Monday nights because I don't have to work on Tuesday. Now, I don't dislike my job...actually, I love being there. It's just that I enjoy gettin' piss drunk and waking up naked on my living room floor much more when I don't have to be anywhere the next day. You dig?

Yeah, I said it...naked. It's a sore sight, but over the years I hear some have enjoyed what that looks like. Personally, I like me better with clothes on, but to each their own, right? I just got chills. Ugh...

Anyway kiddies, I was wandering around the internet looking up when my Scottish cutie pies, Camera Obscura were coming to my area and through the normal six degrees of separation idea, found this band. Agent Ribbons is their name and damn it if these little ladies don't make some of the finest racket I've heard in a while.

If I had to make any comparisons I'd say....um...no, if I had to play the game called "If they mated" I'd say that Agent Ribbons is the child of 2003 White Stripes and Canadian songstress Lullaby Baxter. In other words...good shit.

I got this album the other day and it's been in super duper heavy rotation in the Robot household as well as my Ipod. 

I don't normally do this, but I feel it must be said:

Hey chicken tits, get off of your ass and go buy a physical copy of this album because these girls are making real swell tunes for beautiful goons. If they don't make money, they can't live. If they can't live...well, then I'll die too.

Okay, I won't die, but let's pretend that I'll forever be unable to pronounce the word "pronounce"

...and how bad would that be, huh?

Enjoy Agent Ribbons and their presentation of "On time travel and romance"

*I could be severely incorrect, but something tells me that Little Liza Jane might enjoy this album in full.

Update: She did.


liza jane said...

oh brother robot.. now i gotta go to the record store... damn i'm gonna spend way too much money.

great find sir!!

Oh, robot said...

I'm pretty pumped that I'll be seeing Camera Obscura in June and...Agent Ribbons in opening for them. Double happiness!


Anonymous said...

yet another great post...thanks for the turn on, brother

2nd Greatest said...

Yeah they are so awesome! I saw them play in L.A. recently and I just posted a review of their new album on my blog. You should check it out.