Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Stepping outside!

Tonight I am going out drinking. To most, not a big event, but for me...the guy that buys thousands of bottles of booze for home consumption, it's a little out of the ordinary. Hey...that's because I'm too busy. Right. Yeah...

Anyway, I'm about to hop on my trusty steed...or as you may call it, bicycle, to meet my bud for some pounding. If I get into a fight I'm going to blame the other guy. I'm all peace. Unless of course you say something about my dog. I love dogs so don't mess with em!

Update: It's 3:21 am and I just stumbled into my door. Whew! What a night! First of all, my friend never met me, which makes this the 3rd time this week he's stood me up. Now, I know it's not all his fault because there are "other" forces which prevent him from being totally available, but damn....

It worked out cool enough though. I kinda just played the back of the room sucking down Jack & Coke's to my heart's content. It was swell.

The only low point of the night was when this "artist" guy who claimed to also be a "musician" was bothering some girl across from me. It was obvious that she wasn't buyin' what dude was sellin' but in a weird turn of events she told the guy that I was her fiance. Whoa... it was super obvious that she needed a way out and pointed at the first escape hatch she could find.

Anyway, I was glad to help her out, but I also gave her some advice...I let her know that a drunk male who happens to be "hitting" on you should in no way receive any form of touching.... because, and fellas, let's face it... if a girl engaging in conversation with you happens to touch you, men think that's a secret, unsaid invitation to bone. Hey, I didn't make that up.....sheesh. Ladies... you've been warned. If I must reiterate... don't touch guys unless it is intentional... we're all some sort of trouble no matter how you look at it.

I don't know where she went after that, but I'm glad she was able to use me as an escape. Come to think of it... I didn't see that guy anymore either. Hmmmm? I bet they found each other and since alcohol turns brutes to beauties....

Either way, I'm glad I'm home.  I love it there.

Now, take this song from my younger years.... It's Great Britain Hardcore... It's crazy because I was a kid wearing a G.B.H. shirt to school.  This song has always stuck. Hmmm? I wonder why?

And you know what?
It's always good to know the staff ;)

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