Tuesday, April 28, 2009

There's a tear in my beer or here's some Hank Williams.


Click here for hot, warm...

Hey gang! It's been a long week full of diaper changes long hours at the job, and Russia's gift to the planet: Vodka. It hasn't been a bad week, but I can tell you that my head's in a scramble. No particular reason. Maybe it's the changin' of the seasons...maybe it's because of those dancin' shows all over my TV set? I ain't mad at em.

I got myself a new computer. One of those fancy Imac things. I'm still getting used to the whole thing, but that's only because I've been a PC.

Me and my bike are far apart tonight. I'm thinkin' about going to get her. She'll be mad too. I forgot her. Well, not so much forgot, as much as I abandoned her and got into a car with a woman. Hey, don't get yourself warm....we ain't did nothin'. Ooh, she's probably paint peelin' mad right now, sitting in that cold, dark, loading dock in Hollywood. Don't worry baby! I'm comin'! Maybe I'll stop off and pickup some batteries for her lil' headlight. Yeah...she'd like that, I bet.

While I'm out lookin' for my baby...please enjoy this Hank Williams record and have yerself a little drink. It's called "A Tribute to Hank. Volume 2"


Anonymous said...

Hey Robot...Here's something to chase yer blues away...new Reigning Sound songs on myspace http://www.myspace.com/reigningsoundfans
Margaret frm Mr. Airplane Man @ http://www.myspace.com/margaretairplane
time fer rejoinin' is NIGH!!!!


Oh, robot said...

^ Hey man, I got those and "Call Me" blows my socks straight offa my feet!

And yeah, Ms. margaret Airplane Man is all types of awe-friggin'-some!