Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Julie Doiron is not a household name.

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Canada may just be the one holding the title for being the homeland of a lot of great bands. Good for them! Thanks!

Julie Doiron, formerly of 90's band "Eric's Trip" is a Juno Award winning (Editor's note: Canada's version of the Grammy's) chanteuse that has a voice similar in sound to what you'd imagine a dramatic looking potted plant would sound like. You know the type...off in the corner of the room and giving off that "I'm trouble" vibe. Oh yeah.

If that description didn't sway you into becoming a fan of her, then I'll just say that she has a pretty and sometimes ethereal voice that goes really well against any instrument that accompanies it.

I first heard her on one of those CMJ samplers that used to be around. The song was called "dance music" and there's a video of it somewhere on this site. You should see it and I dare you to try and resist the temptation to clean your house. That shit's got pep!

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