Friday, February 27, 2009

Evil Dead 2 and a chicken?
Click here for a little "boom stick"

Hello kids, today I'm writing you all because I was inspired by a chicken that was found in my backyard a little while ago. Now the yard is completely sealed off from the public and is so far from the curb that either this chicken is bionic and made the 70 foot jump or somebody tossed it? I really hope it's a bionic chicken though...

What's weird about this is that this bird is now the third weird thing I'm finding in my yard in the two months I've lived here. First it was a humongous avocado that looked as if someone was trying to eat it without peeling it. I'm not CSI, but they were definitely human bite marks.

Next, there was a giant piece of wood that looked as if it had fallen from a tree. Nothing uncommon there except for the fact that this particular type of tree is nowhere to be found in my neighborhood. Trust me, I've checked around. There hasn't been any unusually strong winds lately either.

Now...a really good looking tan colored chicken.

It's just walking around pecking at stuff and doesn't seem to have any injuries. It might be bionic, who knows?

I'm not sure what I want to do about it. Should I walk next door and talk to the neighbor? "Excuse me...uh, permiso...are you missing a chicken?" or should I call animal control? Either way, something tells me that this bird's goose is cooked, know what I mean? Shit, it sucks to be something that people want to eat all of the time. There's no secure feelings there.

Anyway, enjoy the score from the greatest film ever made: Evil Dead 2! Maybe this might become the music I put my kids to bed with tonight?

PS. If the scene below doesn't make you want to watch this, must hate love.

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