Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Go. Howl on the haunted beat you ride
Click here to bite Chis Brown.

I was never crazy about this band and although I got this record when it was released, it didn't get any real rotation at my pad. I guess it was because when this came out I was in that kind of mode where you only want to listen to loud, frantic rock and roll with a beer in one hand and a breast in the other. Tonight however, I'm feeling a little mellower and in my left hand I hold only a rum and coke. I failed to mention my right hand because it's empty. How sad is that? No breast?

Anyway, this record is actually really good for those times when you need a little of that AM radio type of rock. You know the kind...the kind that makes you want to be witty and play pool as opposed to the stuff that makes you want to smash bottles and fight some guy in the restroom because you thought he was trying to sneak a look at your pecker.

If I was even the remotest bit confusing here, it's a good, mellow rock and roll record for doing whatever it is you do when you're not fucking and fighting. To boil it down even further I'd like for you to picture The Monkees...with fuzz. To really peel the skin off, this record is 60's radio hour all the way. Sometimes you'll shake your head, but most of the time you'll feel the vibes like you were cruising down some ocean highway with a little sexy vixen in the passenger seat. This also works if you're a lesbian. I just want you to feel loved or at least get yours, you know?

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