Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tune in to the Greg Cartwright Radio Hour! - Part 1 - Part 2
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For regular readers of this site, you know that Greg Cartwright is extremely well liked around these parts. I'm not alone in my admiration for the man, who it seems can do no wrong when it comes to Rock and Roll. Whenever folks are talking about garage rock somehow Mr. Cartwright's is mentioned. If by the small chance that you don't hear his name it's simply because whoever is doing the talking is probably a fan of the type of rock made by the Australian band; Jet. That's actually awful and I'm sorry that they have no awareness of one of rock's most talented dudes.

Years have passed and I still constantly listen to all the records this man is responsible for. From his work in the Oblivians all the way to The Mary Weiss album. Speaking of that record, I hear a lot of people weren't feeling it, including my wife. Sure that voice doesn't go down so easy all the time, but overall the sound it brings is pretty darn rad if you ask ol' Robot. Don't worry can come by for dinner and we'll share a bowl.

Greg and the Reigning Sound haven't released anything in a while and I'm sure that he knows that there is a legion of people out there who are sadly weeping until some new product comes out. I just hope this wait means that the new record is going to floor anyone who hears it. Who am I kidding? Of course it will!

I have no idea when this radio show took place, but it's cool in the sense that now you can listen to a lot of the tunes that inspired him to create the ass kicking records he sells to us.

One of the many special treats on this set is the original "I want to be your happiness" by Nolan Strong. If you need a memory boost, Cartwright covered this track with the Compulsive Gamblers on Crystal gazing, Luck amazing.

Enjoy more than 50 songs on this sucker! A real gift to hold you over until the new album.


Cangrejero said...

They've been talking about that new album for years now. I hope it becomes a reality someday.

Also, I was also surprised at the lukewarm response to the Mary Weiss album, even among Cartwright fans. I thought it was great!

MJ said...

Fantastic post! Thanks!

Lucas Nonose said...

heeeeey great great post!!!!!
greetings from brazil!

Laura said...

Reigning Sound opened for Mary Weiss in Atlanta recently, and they played a lot of new songs, so hopefully a new record isn't too far out.

Lars said...

Thanks a lot for this! And all the other Greg Cartwright stuff you posted.

liza jane said...

i heard rumors the new one was coming out this summer... and as a double bonus surprise... they're in the middle of recording another one right now.

Oh, robot said...

^ Your tiny toy guitar plays songs of happiness!

Anonymous said...

Another great one...I'd been hoping for a "songs Greg Cartwright taught us" comp...this will certainly suffice 'til then. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Awesome, show, thanks a lot!
Btw, it's most probably from 2006 since they talk about Buck Owens recent passing.

giulio said...

The link to the first part is down, can you reup that? Thanks!