Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hell on wheels...or not.

This hunk of junk was picked up yesterday for a whopping 40 bucks at a local thrift shop. It's rusty, but the frame is solid. I bought this because after getting all of my fancy mountain bikes stolen over the past bunch of years I felt it was time to dip a toe into road bikes.

Of course, I'm inspired by these folks rolling around town on those "fixies" with their cool paint jobs and bright colored rims. This bike doesn't come anywhere within that range. Plus, it may be little small.

That isn't going to stop me from tearing up the town in ten minute intervals. Oh yeah...I guess I failed to mention that my riding will be confined to a three block trip to the train station.

What this bike will do however, is get me more interested in road biking. I know a gut that's been hanging around in the apartment upstairs from my balls too long.

PS. See my headlight? Heh heh...

Update: The very next day I had a little time and the inspiration to see what I could do with my crappy new bike. This is the result of an hours worth of work.

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