Thursday, May 31, 2007

Holly Golightly does not eat breakfast at Tiffany's
Click here to repel muggers.

This album is great if you love really cool music and drawled rock and roll vocals.
Buy all of her albums because she is awesome!

Mr. David Viner has got them blues
Click here to drink anyone under the table.

Mr. David Viner started out as a roadie for the Von Bondies. Now he is a bluesman keeping the tradition alive in London.
This is good stuff!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The White Stripes meet the Yardbirds
Click the above link to satisfy the ladies.

This is a pretty rare show from way back in September of 2002.
Jack and Meg teaming with Jeff Beck to cover early Yardbirds tunes.


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hey, Hey we're The Monkees...
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Download this album only for "papa Gene's blues" and you will not lack a smile.
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The Sixth Great Lake wants to hug.
Click this link to see through walls.

In keeping with my earlier offering of the fantastic band, The Essex Green, I figured that I might as well keep a good thing going by bringing you The Sixth Great Lake's album "Up the country"

It's basically the same band with a few differences. Where The Essex Green went towards the more trippy folk of the sixties, The Sixth Great Lake headed into the quieter side of mushroom use. Beautiful guitars strum while birds fall in love....

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You will not regret sampling this way!

Monday, May 28, 2007

The Greenhornes have a gun...for you.

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The Greenhornes are a beautiful thing. They create stunningly faithful music that feels modern and dusty. As a rhythm section they put in work as "The Do-Whatters" for Loretta's Van Lear Rose album, The Raconteurs, and the Oh, robot favorite: Little Jack Lawrence plays the banjo, bass, and all of a sudden sings for Blanche.

I had the chance to see them live at a very intimate show where there were only about twenty people watching and it didn't seem to phase them a bit.
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Colin Meloy Live on NPR
Clicking the link above will not make it rain today.

This amazing set was recorded in 2006 and really, really shows what an amazing songwriter Mr. Meloy truly is.

SImply Saucer - Cyborgs Revisited
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"Hailed as the best Canadian album of all time" Cyborgs Revisited is the legendary "lost" LP by Canada's first proto-punks."
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Hello to all my new readers....

Thank you for stopping by.
It feels good to know that there are people out there who share my taste in good music.
I'm very happy you all have come, but I regrettably ask for one small favor....
leave a comment.

Mr. Airplane Man is Moanin' for sympathy...

Click this link to get free beer at the bar of your choice.
Mr. Airplane Man, God bless em', came along at the worst possible time. Although garage rock had been in existance for decades, Jack White had the new world convinced he was the creator.
Although he is definitely a high point for the scene, bands like 68' comeback, The Buzzards, and Mr. Airplane Man were overshadowed.
Not today...because I promise to deliver these overlooked bands enjoy a little attention by offering them to you.
...but hey, Jack, don't are the Jesus Christ of rock today. I picked up a guitar after years of no guitars because of "Hello Operator."
Thanks bud.
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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Henry's Dress is pretty.
Click the above link to be able to lick your elbow.

Before the amazing San Francisco band The Aislers Set came along, the lead singer, Amy Linton was doing time in this band. Half noise, half shoegaze, all good.
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The Casual Dots

This is a great album. Totally a good party record.
There's really nothing about this band on the net, but check this Wiki page for a good start towards the magic of the Billotte family.

Seriously folks, more people should have this album.

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Charles Manson Sunday. No reason...
Click above to have a creepy crawl

These two albums show a different side of the man the world hates. A more...romantic side, should I say? They'll never let him out of jail though...

...but that's okay because he has a Nazi stamp on his face and nobody thinks that'll go great at the market.

"Harriet, look...isn't that..."
"We're dead."

The Essex Green are special.
Click the link above to communicate with nature.

The song "Mrs. Bean" kickstarted my love for this band when I was younger.
If you're a fan of breezy melodies and boy/girl trade off vocals this is what you need to have in your pile.
Enjoy "Everything is green" because most things that are green are good for you.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Oh, just a Jack White solo acoustic show.
Click here for the ability to lift heavy things.

This recording doesn't come around too often.
Where was Meg?

If anyone was at this show, tell me about it.

2 Star Tabernacle
Clicking the above link will improve your chances.

A long time ago I worked at a Lower East Side dive called "The Lakeside Lounge"

One night, an old, tall black man walked in with a cane and a furry coat sat in the stool next to me. All of a sudden the owner of the bar came over and shook the tall man's hand. It was clear that this gentleman didn't have to pay.

He said "This is Andre."
I shook the man's hand and for an hour we sat next to eachother, making toasts and laughing.
I had no idea who Andre Williams was back then.
So now, in memory of that night...I want you to listen to this.
Andre Williams, Dan and Tracee Miller of Blanche, and a young Jack White on piano.

1. Ramblin' man (feat. Miller/ Williams)
2. Lily white mama and jet black daddy (feat. Williams/ White)

Friday, May 25, 2007

Peel Sessions: Camera Obscura
Clicking the above link will get you your very own Unicorn!

First off, many thanks to the original capturers of these sessions.

Is there a more perfect band besides Belle & Sebastian or the White Stripes?
We haven't got the time to talk about it anyway.
Just tell me I'm right.
I used to wonder why Tracyanne always appeared to be feeling smug, but now I wouldn't have her any other way.

*If you haven't actually gone out and obtained a physical copy of "Let's get out of this country" you're doing yourself an injustice.

Support this band so they can continue to deliver the goods in 2008.

The Brunettes - Mars Loves Venus
Click here for extra time.

More indie pop for delicious lovers!

I actually stumbled upon this band about a year ago when their CD mysteriously appeared in my house.

My wife loves it!
Especially track #8

The Essential Skeeter Davis!
Click the above link and relax.

Most folks are only aware of this Country crooner because of the movie "Girl, Interupted" because it's her song playing in the background when Ms. Chicken Kitchen is found hanging from the ceiling.

Fans of Glasgow act Camera Obscura will be delighted to hear track#12.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Albert Hammond Jr.
Here is a set from Amoeba Records in Hollywood, CA 3/07/2007

Albert Hammond Sr. must be proud of his son.

(the photos look like a weird, alternate planet version of an Earth cop show)

Albert Hammond Jr. created a record that is amazing, but I wish he would have put it on vinyl.

(sorry, that's the record nerd in me)

Black Tambourine
Click on the link to lose yourself in guitar fuzziness!

Twee. Such a pretty sounding word, isn't it? I'm not going to sit here and be a super mega record nerd and tell you who this band's influences are...that's what Wikipedia is for!

Greg Cartwright is awesome
Reigning Sound - Live at Maxwell's

Sorry about the small picture.....but the BIG picture I'm getting at is the genius of The Reigning Sound.
I know that this isn't the best album to start off with if you aren't already a devotee, but stop being a pussy.
Grab some booze, throw on yer shoes, and rock out!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Des Roar will rock you!
The second you click the above link you will have boarded the express train to Blackoutville!

Des Roar is a Brooklyn band with a serious knack for making folks shake their asses to 50's inspired rock n' roll.
The two boys, Ben (Vox, Guitars) and Ryan (Bass) were once in a Los Angeles based band called Bellevue. I had the opertunity to see them live a few times and they definitely put on a great show. They sort of reminded me of a more alcohol induced Libertines (sounds impossible, right?)
Anyway, Bellevue imploded and the boys headed East where they would meet the lovely Lyla who rounds out this trio on drums and vocals.
Get familiar with them now because the train ain't gonna be stopped at the station for too much longer!
Highly recommended for fans of The Detroit Cobras, The Strokes, and Phil Spector before the murderous behavior.

Check out their MySpace:

Thin Lizzy Peel Session

Clicking the above link will make you the proud owner of Thin Lizzy's Peel Session.

I don't know the exact date of this session, but rest assured it's pretty great. Enjoy!