Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Des Roar will rock you!
The second you click the above link you will have boarded the express train to Blackoutville!

Des Roar is a Brooklyn band with a serious knack for making folks shake their asses to 50's inspired rock n' roll.
The two boys, Ben (Vox, Guitars) and Ryan (Bass) were once in a Los Angeles based band called Bellevue. I had the opertunity to see them live a few times and they definitely put on a great show. They sort of reminded me of a more alcohol induced Libertines (sounds impossible, right?)
Anyway, Bellevue imploded and the boys headed East where they would meet the lovely Lyla who rounds out this trio on drums and vocals.
Get familiar with them now because the train ain't gonna be stopped at the station for too much longer!
Highly recommended for fans of The Detroit Cobras, The Strokes, and Phil Spector before the murderous behavior.

Check out their MySpace:


the_peanut said...

Oh, robot!!! Nice to see you on blogosphere too, I hope you will have fun and good luck blogging!

This Des Roar sounds really promising, I will be checking this out asap! Thnx for the share.

Oh, robot said...

Hello Peanut, thanks for dropping by! Not to quote Peter Cetera, but you're my inspiration. Hee hee!