Saturday, May 26, 2007

2 Star Tabernacle
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A long time ago I worked at a Lower East Side dive called "The Lakeside Lounge"

One night, an old, tall black man walked in with a cane and a furry coat sat in the stool next to me. All of a sudden the owner of the bar came over and shook the tall man's hand. It was clear that this gentleman didn't have to pay.

He said "This is Andre."
I shook the man's hand and for an hour we sat next to eachother, making toasts and laughing.
I had no idea who Andre Williams was back then.
So now, in memory of that night...I want you to listen to this.
Andre Williams, Dan and Tracee Miller of Blanche, and a young Jack White on piano.

1. Ramblin' man (feat. Miller/ Williams)
2. Lily white mama and jet black daddy (feat. Williams/ White)

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