Monday, May 28, 2007

Mr. Airplane Man is Moanin' for sympathy...

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Mr. Airplane Man, God bless em', came along at the worst possible time. Although garage rock had been in existance for decades, Jack White had the new world convinced he was the creator.
Although he is definitely a high point for the scene, bands like 68' comeback, The Buzzards, and Mr. Airplane Man were overshadowed.
Not today...because I promise to deliver these overlooked bands enjoy a little attention by offering them to you.
...but hey, Jack, don't are the Jesus Christ of rock today. I picked up a guitar after years of no guitars because of "Hello Operator."
Thanks bud.
PS. If you're going to use this link on your blog, at least mention my blog. I love you.

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Dgrador said...

One of the greats of the new far.