Friday, December 28, 2007

This is dedicated to the long, passionate make out...
Click here for more wetness.

As spelled out in the post title, today's offering is dedicated to the young lovers of the world. The ones who have an entire life ahead of them. The ones who play it safe while still living dangerously.

Ah, the long passionate make out. Is there anything sweeter than that first breathy kiss? The kiss so powerful that teeth bang together and lips become raw?

The entwinement that most certainly screams out " I want more!"

Yes, these kisses certainly lead toward the burning loins and passionate moans of pleasure.

Hello young lovers...this is for you.
Mazzy Star - So tonight that I might see


Nicole*Rae said...

hell fucking yes I love me some MAZZY STAR!!
I have allllll the albums EXCEPT this one. how fucking perfect... and how quite brilliantly perfect!
thank you.
you write quite well, my good sir.
now back to making out....

mikeyb said...

Mr. Robot, just letting you know that my boys and I are starting a publication tackling News, Music, Sports, and Entertainment and we want to use you as our music source. Hope your interested. I will have more info for you soon. Love your stuff.

Mikey B

Oh, robot said...

Sounds like a plan, but we'll have to talk about how I'll get paid. do you offer beer or six dollar jugs of Gin?

Let's talk my man. I'm giddy.

Oh, robot said...