Friday, December 7, 2007

C'mon Mr. DJ, you ready for takeoff in the Airplane Man?
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Somewhere on this blog I posted another Mr. Airplane Man record, Moanin'. I like that one more than this one, but I am mostly alone on that decision. According to the fans, this album is the keeper. However, just as Moanin' does, C'mon DJ instantly transports you to a bar somewhere in a real rough and tumble town. A bar where the pinball machine is always occupied by a greased up, leather wearing, dude that keeps his two beers on the glass top. He'll knife you if you get too close.

Here's the video to Jesus on the mainline.

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L said...

Interesting duos. I like some but not all of their music. One of the pair did a solo record a few years ago that I've always wanted to hear. (heard a few samples that were intriguing). THanks a lot. -LD