Monday, April 30, 2012

The Dirty Carl Show Vol.19 (Upstart girls: The Parisian edition)

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Yeah! (sorry, I thought I'd start this post on an unusually positive and excited note.)

Did you hear? Rick Astley died today. Sad. Anyway, here is the latest Dirty Carl Show for you beautiful goons. I barely recall making it, but that don't mean shit.

All you have to do is press play and act like yourself. Easy peasy my main motherfraggers! Just do it.

By the way Rick Astley is alive and well. We had an hour long phone conversation today and he expressed the following:

"I Never have I hated my life so fucking much.
I'm gonna have to make some changes.
I'd give the shirt off of my back to a friend, but no one would do it for me.
Fuck you! It's what I say to my so called friends.
I'm up, but I'd rather be asleep. It's so late right now. London's dreary...
I'll never leave though. I'm here forever, I guess.
I'm gonna really try to make it all right with God... and my mum.
Some say I'm a one hit wonder, but I have other songs, you know?
Shit... goodbye to fame if I can't write one more hit. I hope I can.
I'll never be able to top the big one, you know? I'll try halfheartedly...
I'm gonna go to the studio first thing tomorrow.
It'll turn around, won't it Carl?
I'm around... I haven't gone away or anything like that. I've been here.
Me and my cats. That's all I have to show after this whole ridiculous ride...
I hurt. Really badly. I'm so lonely.
Are you even listening??!!"

At that point I grew really sleepy so I told him we'd talk tomorrow. He didn't take it well.

Enjoy the Dirty Carl Show Volume # 19 (and your Rick Roll)

This wasn't my idea, but I liked it enough to make my own salad from it :)

Here I am...

*Tracklist upon request.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I just received a Ninja Rick-Roll.

I can't tell if I secretly liked it because my subconscious hasn't fought up yet. So fuck you? Kinda! And thanks?!