Monday, April 23, 2012

Dirt Carl Show Vol.18 (Playing it strange...again)

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Hello everyone. Here's a story...

There once was a man who lived in a basin. The sun was merciless and each day he grew increasingly helpless to defend himself from its punishing rays. He tried everything; sunglasses... big brimmed hats... not toweling off after showers... he even went as far as to hire a homeless man to douse him with bottled water every ten minutes, but that didn't work out too well. The vagabond kept pouring the water on himself and needless to say he was fired after being given seven separate chances. Then one day it hit him... the heated man decided that he would finally end his horrible ordeal by moving to the coldest place on Earth. He planned and planned and drew up schematics and found investors, but still... it was medically impossible to fit his rather large frame into her tiny and shriveled heart. So he died. Sweating and blistered.

^ Don't ask... grab a flask! Enjoy the Dirty Carl show in all of its retarded beauty!
This is show eighteen.

1. Des Roar - Swinger (early version)
2. Allo Darlin' - The letter
3. Belle & Sebastian - The state I am in (BBC)
4. Cardigans - Carnival (Puck version)
5. Young People - The rhumba
6. Seer - Soul of fire
7. White Fence - The Mexican twins
8. The Smiths - Rushholme Ruffians (Alternate)
9. Herman Dune - Whatever burns the best, baby
10. Ray Charles - Born to lose
11. Conway Twitty - The story of my love
12. Alabama Shakes - Be mine
13. Fresh & Onlys - Secret walls
14. Camera Obscura - Some guys have all the luck
15. Bob Dylan - To be alone with you
16. Dead Mans Bones - Where you sleep

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