Saturday, April 18, 2009

20 songs from Thee Dirty Carl Radio Hour
Click here for a date with a dead Tad Hamilton

Well hello there my babies! It looks like the gray cloud has lifted and I'm up to my old tricks again. No, I haven't won any lottery and I didn't get a raise. I'm just not sad today. I swear, riding a bicycle is a cure-all for the blues. The wind in your face...the cars coming at's rad!

Also, drinking liquor has been proven to put a smile on ya pretty effectively....yeah!

I haven't mentioned it here because I tend to forget to mention things like this, but I've started making little mixtapes again. Normally I play pretty rockin' stuff, but for this series of compilations I've been taking it a little slow. Could it be because my target demographic are divorced women between the ages of 54 and 73? Sure is!

The statement above is not true at all, but hopefully those chicks'll dig what I'm shovellin'...

I use the name Dirty Carl because back when I lived in New York and was basically the owner of busted up bar stools all over the city, Dirty Carl was my alter ego. Watch out for that guy...he'll stick a finger up ya...and move it around too!

Here's what you get today. My mic is on the fritz so you won't have the joy of listening to me be a little disc jockey. Shucks...

1. I'll try anything once - The Strokes
2. Goner - Dr. Dog
3. I'll be coming home - Thee Shams
4. Modern Girl - Camera Obscura
5. Their way - Litt'lans feat. Pete Doherty
6. Well, all right - Albert Hammond Jr.
7. Don't fuck around with love - Holly Golightly & Sexton Ming
8. Hey, doll baby - Vetiver
9. Merry go round - Lou Reed
10. Bella, I'm sorry - Sabalou (King Khan's daughter)
11. I'm a cuckoo - Belle & Sebastian
12. For lovers - Pete Doherty & Wolfman
13. Elephant song - The Strokes
14. Beside you - Greg Oblivian
15. Mr. Gallo - Cat Power
16. She's got you - Patsy Cline
17. I'm all he's got - Loretta Lynn
18. Cold, cold night - Meg White
19. O' death where is thy sting? - Blanche
20. Asleep - The Smiths

And because I'm always wiling to tell you more...
Here is the trailer for the very first movie I ever saw in a theater. It was in the Bronx...not sure if it was in 3-d, but they gave us 3-d glasses at the window.


liza jane said...

dirty carl, i look forward to the mixtape. i am a huge fan of the medium. i make a new one weekly.

one time i even made one with the dj blah blah'n and put it up for dl. but it had prince on it and was removed in like .5 seconds.

glad to see ya back on the beat!

Anonymous said...

Hey man great site keep up the great work . Love the music

liza jane said...

this mix requires whiskey.

Oh, robot said...

Liza Jane my dear...I agree, but then I also think EVERYTHING requires whiskey!

Playswith Squirrels said...

Is there any way you could send me the Holly Golightly/Sexton Ming song? I can't find it anywhere, to buy or to download.