Thursday, March 12, 2009

Blind Willie McTell
Click here for a slightly used Stetson hat

Out of all the blind bluesmen (Blind Blake, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Blind Willie Johnson, Blind Roosevelt Graves, Blind Joe Reynolds, etc;) that strummed a guitar and sang about women, a train, the blues, corn liquor, and the Lord...Willie McTell is my favorite. Jack White loves the guy so much he covers him whatever chance he gets (Lord, send me an angel, Boll Weevil)

He had this sickeningly cute voice that just cut right through a person and his guitar playing was phenomenal. In the short time he was out there busking around, he recorded an impressive amount of music. Luckily, people like Alan Lomax existed back then.

On a side note, my brain must be collapsing in on itself because as many times as I wrote the word blind in this post...I misspelled it each time. I wrote "bling" Fick...damn!


Christa said...

Thanks for your effort, I didn't know him yet, but enjoying his music as I type.
Keep up the good work!

doorstop said...

Many thanks!
Downloading as I type.
I hope that song Jack White covered is on here. :)