Thursday, March 12, 2009

Arthur Alexander is the ultimate!
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Arthur Alexander is one of those singers that you've heard a thousand times before, but didn't know it. You knew the songs, but you just filed them away as some northern soul that was on a compilation or something like that. The man had a voice like warm honey. Yummy...enjoy!

Fans of ex-Headcoatee, Holly Golightly, may recognize the last track on this album. It's called Black Night and she covered it really well on the Truly she is no other album.

You should go out and buy it. It's a good one for the record collection.


Red said...

I like Holly's version. Look forward to hearing the original.
There used to be a record store in Downey (or Norwalk?) that had a really awesome Billy Childish section. It was obviously a labor of love for one of the employees cuz they had dozens of Childish disks, Headcoats, Headcoatees, Caesars, Delmonas, and all the shelving cards were hand lettered and annotated. At the time, Thee Headcoats were pretty much my fave band. One weekend my high school best friend Paege came to stay with me, having spent the previous year in England. I tried to tell her about this great band I was into and she just reached into her purse and pulled out a polaroid picture. It was her, sitting on Billy Childish's lap at her 22nd birthday party, where Thee Headcoats played.

argie said...

muchas gracias lo que buscaba ,sos un capo

Nando said...

he was covered by the beatles AND the stones. man, arthur alexander rules. thanks a lot!

raul_dook said...

thanks for this!

Don said...

Thanks for the post. This is definitely one of the 1000 records that everyone should own.