Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dirty Carl Show Vol. 21

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Dirty Carl Show Volume # 21

Well, well... look what we have here? I knew you all couldn't stay away for long. Not because I'm nice or friendly or handsome... just because you were curious to see how an eagle could fly so high or how a train could wreck so bad (it depends on who's looking, you know?)

My friends... today is a special night. No, it's not my birthday or the specified date of the apocalypse... it's Dirty Carl Volume # 21 night and I didn't feel like rockin' my ass off. Well, I did, but not in the traditional sense. Tonight I relaxed and got my fill of indie pop while listening to a mixture of airplanes, Spanish language, and laughter right outside of my bedroom window. It was a treat to hear life happening.

If I can say anything tonight... it's that if you are disenchanted with your lover, leave that person at once. You deserve to feel amazing and if loving him or her seems like too much work it truly isn't what you need. Your heart is supposed to feel full of joy, not doubt. Also, you deserve someone who wants to nibble you into oblivion. Ask around... life's too short.

Okay then... enjoy!

Ladies... I'm good with your bodies. Just sayin'... 

1. Tim Cohen - Wonderful life
2. Albert Hammond Jr. - Call an ambulance
3. Magic Kids - Cry with me baby
4. Agent Ribbons - Chelsea, let's go join the circus
5. Allo Darlin' - The letter
6. Camera Obscura - French Navy
7. Hollows - V is for vulture
8. The Intelligence - Little town flirt
9. Hospitality - Friends of friends
10. Essex Green - Mrs. Bean
11. Wreckless Eric - I want to be your happiness
12. Them - Somethin' you got
13. The Raindrops - That boy is messin' up my mind
14. Darwin Deez - Radar detector
15. Jeffrey Novak - Untitled 1
16. Peter, Paul, and Mary - On a desert island dreaming of you
17. Belle & Sebastian - Dear catastrophe waitress
18. Aislers Set - Hey lover
19. Jaqueline Blanchard  - Strange new world
20. A dirty that you used to Carl - Interlude
21. Johnny Rebel - Coon Town
22. The Just Joans - Five bottles of beer

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