Friday, July 9, 2010

Agent Ribbons and the star crossed doppelganger

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Not too long ago I enlightened a few folks by introducing them to Agent Ribbons, a band I learned about while trying to get Camera Obscura tickets. Well, it just so happened that Agent Ribbons was the opener for a lot of those shows.

Their debut record, "On time travel and romance" was an absolute gem from start to finish and still remains in VERY heavy rotation at Robot Manor. I hope that those friends of mine who heard it have gone out and gone to one of their shows and hopefully picked up some of their merch as well... they deserve it because they're a sweet bunch and they write fan-fucking-tastic songs!!!

Anyway, they've got a new record coming out soon called "Chateau Crone" and rumor has it that the vinyl is gonna be pretty nifty! Make sure you get out there and buy that or else I'll have to drop by your house... yeah, your house...

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L said...

Hey, I loved their first record. Thanks for posting this one. Nice video too.