Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sleazy like Sunday morning #4 - More paperback smut.

It was a long hard year for the two. With their careers taking up most of their time, they'd both been in need of some sort of stimulus. Although they hadn't spoken in a while, their lives were running parallel to each others and on the night their paths crossed, it was obvious that they had found their stimuli in one another.

Beth, the younger of the pair, was burning the candle at both ends it seemed. She'd been putting in a minimum of twelve hour days at the theatre, six days a week in a blurred mixture of rehearsals and evening performances. She was a dancer mainly, but in this production she was to play a sizable part that demanded she learn enough lines to fill half a bible. Since her childhood she'd dreamt of running her own company and she was now closer than ever to achieving her dream, but the constant grind was starting to take its toll. Earlier in the day she had jokingly confessed to another member of the company that she'd only slept a total of six hours in the last forty eight. Her body, sore and throbbing. Her mind, scattered and foggy. With her relentless approach to achieving her dreams she knew she'd burn out, but fought it every night as she faced the crowded theatre. As she'd say her lines she'd peer into the faces of them all. The critics sat there with their note pads while the theatre buffs stared toward the stage. Some were smiling, but others warmed their seats wearing such serious expressions that one could confuse them with high court judges. Come to think of it... judges they were. All of them and every night was a trial that she'd have to fight her way through. Even with all the pressure that came along with it, she wouldn't have it any other way. She was following her heart.

Rick on the other hand didn't have half the trappings. His life, although seriously structured, afforded him far more time to dream and lay about than most of his peers. As the branch manager of an airport area car rental business, his level of activity depended on the number of people that needed a vehicle. Some days it was through the roof, but there were others where he didn't see another living, breathing being at all. Of course, this did little to change the fact that he was there everyday. Ten years ago he told himself that he'd only work there for a year or two,  just to raise enough money to start his own business. A diner. He wasn't necessarily into cooking at all, but the idea of having something that would be open twenty four hours where folks could come in and take a load off was the most appealing thing he could think of to do with his future. There was something appetizing about the cranky, senior citizen waitress and the just making it to decent coffee that grabbed him. It was an idea that he had gotten when he was in his twenties and spent his time reading books in the rearmost booth of a Waffle House at 3:00 AM. He liked the vibe. Naturally, like most achievable dreams, things tend to get in the way and money ends up needing to be shifted from one credit card to another. Then, before you know it... you're still the branch manager of the Rocket Rent a Car Agency which sits exactly one half mile from the airport and you realize that you'll never compete with the Denny's down the lane.

One night after had she given what she believed to be one of her most terrible performances ever, she decided to leave the theatre and drive. It didn't matter where. She just needed the escape. She knew that she actually did okay up there, but the production itself was a mess. It was marred by so many technical difficulties that the crowds began to heckle. First it was the sound, then it was the lighting, and then that damn fire alarm. Naturally all of this threw off the natural chemistry between the performers. Some folks had even left the place early. It wasn't the best night. As she drove she fumbled with the radio, eventually settling on an oldies station. After a few songs went by, "sleepwalk" by Santo and Johnny started to play. This song brought back so many memories. She thought of Rick and how he'd always listen to this song when they used to live in the same building a year ago. She always thought he was cute, but could never spare the time to talk to him except for a few five minute conversations here and there. There was no denying the chemistry between the two, but like his twenty four hour diner, anything more never came to be. As the radio played she recalled how he'd always leave his apartment door open allowing the music to carry through the hallway. She hadn't the faintest idea that he was leaving it open because he knew that she'd pass his place whenever she was coming or going. Unfortunately for him, because of the hours she kept, he ended up locking his door for the night without ever catching so much as a glimpse of her.

She arrived at the Denny's and pulled into a spot where she could see her car from the booth. Her back window wasn't closing all the way and paying some mechanic to rip her off for five minutes of labor wasn't high on her affordability list. She spent the next few minutes studying both the menu as well as the room. Eggs Benedict... guy in trucker hat that's actually a trucker... Pancakes... old man with a cane... empty plate of egg yolk residue covered wholly by horrifyingly large blobs of ketchup... tweaker guy with the piss colored hair... club sandwich... guy that looks like... Rick? She opened her eyes a little wider to focus on a guy stuffing a sandwich three times the size of his head into his mouth. Well... trying to at least. It was him. As she sat, she started to imagine walking over to him and striking up a conversation, but it had been a while and she wasn't entirely sure what she wanted to say. He was still pretty good looking although he had aged some. His black hair now traced with dozens of grey strays. He looked tired, but not run down. At that moment the waitress came to the table and asked to take her order. She didn't know what she wanted and just opted for a cup of coffee after asking the waitress for a few more minutes. As the old gal turned to get the coffee pot, Beth stopped her. "You see that guy with the big sandwich at the counter? Can I buy him a coffee too?" The waitress winked and said "Think he's cute, honey? I don't." She shuffled off.

"The lady with the long hair back there wanted to buy you a cup of coffee." said the waitress as she placed the saucer and mug in front of him while nudging her neck in Beth's direction. Before he even turned around his heart started beating faster. When he finally did, it just about stopped. There she was... Beth. With a closed mouth he swallowed the words "holy shit" before having to concentrate on closing his eyes to blink. She was a sight. Although a lot of time had passed, she popped into his head whenever he was lonely.

Their sudden meeting was pleasurable and after about two and a half hours or so, neither of them could hide the fact that they were hot for one another. He paid the check and left the tip. As they left the diner he touched her at the waist. He could barely contain his urge to have her. It was a flash of light and then they were at his apartment. As if part of a show she glided toward the couch. She was serpentine to his snake handler. He followed intently while slyly unbuttoning the top few buttons of his shirt. He wasted no time. With open arms and a tight hug she pulled him on top of her. Without kissing they lay there holding each other. His hands slid expertly across her pale soft skin as his fingers traveled under her shirt. As if under a spell, their bodies writhed and tangled. She removed her shoes and ran her hand up the length of his leg using her nails. His body trembled beneath her feather touch. Finally their lips met and as they kissed she could feel his warmth taking her over. She could also feel the bulge in his pants. It moved like a heartbeat. It wouldn't be long until he'd be inside of her. Neither would admit their nervousness.

By this time her shirt was gone and he'd begun to lick her neck. His mouth was a tidal wave splashing across her. She could feel herself beginning to get wet. As his tongue explored her breasts his hands squeezed the sides of her ass. He cupped it and massaged it roughly. Soon enough his hands found their way into her inner thighs. Thus begins this tale of adventurous lovers.

His saliva warmed her nipples as she grabbed his hair, giving it a controlled tug. He was turned on. He undid her belt and button and yanked her pants down. Her zipper, a limp  participant. Her panties; white and cotton. The softest pair an angel could wear. She arched her back as she watched him pulling away her underwear. Her pussy, red hot and whispering. It whispered his name. With a final pull they slid off of her foot. What started as a kiss to the inside of her ankle became a seductive journey up the inside of her leg. Each part of her smooth terrain covered in licks and sucks. She spread her legs wider to meet his advances. He admired the shape of her. "There could be nothing more beautiful than this" he thought. Before sticking his tongue in her pussy he knew it would taste as he imagined. Sweet. Clean. She held the back of his head, then reached back and wrapped her hands in her hair. Pulling it. He was good. He ground his face into her like a madman and marksman combined, hitting every spot as if he'd mapped out the land beforehand. She moaned with pleasure as he soaked the ring of her asshole, flicking his tongue in and out of the puckered hole. Outside, the thunder was making the house shake a little. Inside... the same.

She moaned as his he traced her ass with his tongue. His mouth acted as machine -  showing no signs of wear. She was rocked. Rick's clothes were only halfway off, but she was going to change that. After filling his waiting mouth with her warm release, she turned to him and started undoing his pants. His dick, dying to escape screamed at the door. She took them off and flung them to the floor. Motioning him to lay back she placed her lips on his cock through his underwear. It twitched and grew. She then pulled the top down exposing the head of his swollen dick. She licked it and quickly sucked its dome. He pulled them all the way down and she put her hand on his balls. They were warm in her hand. She sucked it all the way to the bottom and started to jerk him off slowly. Before putting it back in her mouth, she quietly told him that she was a swallower. He wasn't the kind of guy who needed that to happen but nevertheless he was pleased. After a few minutes he could feel his levels starting to rise and he knew he was going to come inside of her mouth any minute. Again, as if rehearsed, she began applying a more furious pace. Her mouth equally as expert to his expert abilities. The moment had arrived. All of the muscles in his body tightened as he exploded down her eager throat. It wasn't only the fact that she was doing it, it was also the fact that she was enjoying it. His eyes closed as he sank into the couch. He loved her. At that moment it was as if somehow the two of them had unearthed a buried chest full of realization. He would keep it to himself, unsure if she felt the same.

She stood up and began walking toward the bedroom. She wanted to get fucked. He wasn't going to disappoint her in the least. After wiping his dick off with a towel he trotted along behind her. When he opened the bedroom door it was as if he had stepped into a fantasy. There she lay, nude beneath a red light, a cigarette pack on the nightstand. The room smelled of her perfume alongside the underlying scent of her hungry crotch. He recorded the moment and filed it away in his mind. He knew that this image was one of those rare ones that could keep you warm at night.

He was hard already. She started touching herself for his view. He did the same. He watched as her fingers manipulated the folds of her vagina, at times gliding in to reveal her soft pink inside. She reached out to him and suddenly he was tasting her fingers. Her pussy was delicious and sucking its taste off of Beth's hand reminded him of how good their time on the couch was. This next round would prove to be a far better time for the adventurous lovers.

... to be continued.

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