Friday, October 30, 2009

Cristina Rosenvinge - Frozen Pool

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Oh, what's this? Well, it looks like Ohrobot is having an indie pop morning. Today I'd like you to give a listen to Ms. Cristina Rosenvinge and her album "Frozen Pool."

Originally released in 2001, this album can comfortably sit on your shelves alongside your Mazzy Star and your Camera Obscura records without drawing any attention to itself. That said, it's a wonderful album that received absolutely no attention from the planet. Hopefully today is the day that you become intrigued. She began her career as a musician with the Latin folk group "Cristina y los subterraneos" and as you can see, started a solo career later on.

If I could command that you play a particular track off of this album first, it would be Expensive shoes.

Play it. Play it now! I command you!

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