Monday, October 27, 2008

Des Roar show at Jordi Scott Los Angeles
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New song alert!

On October 13th I went to see Des Roar make their first Los Angeles appearance at the Jordi Scott fashion show in Hollywood. After about an hour of super strong white Russians being served up courtesy of Starbucks, the band began playing. They introduced a few newer songs during their set, but made plenty of room for some of their older staples like "Ted Bundy was a ladies man" and "Baby, you're too young"

These three boys and a lady did what they aimed to do. All they wanted was to come to the West Coast and speak the truth to the youth. As usual, they handed over a tight performance to the oddly grouped crowd. It was obvious that a lot of the people there were there just to see the fashion show, but those in the know definitely got a sweet treat.

Anyway, it was a well tuned evening, seeing as the band still hadn't completely recovered from disrupting the Roosevelt Hotel's pool area with a face punching,faux drowning display of Des Roarian charm which led to an eviction and one hell of a great buzz. It's weird to know that you caused such a ruckus that neighboring hotels call each other about it.

They played about ten songs, each chock full of blaring guitars and pounding bass lines. Looking like every bit the dirty rockers they are, the denim and leather was nicely offset by Lyla's flowing, elegant attire. Speaking of Lyla, no Des Roar song seems like it would be complete without her sweet cooing from behind the drum kit.

In closing, this band is definitely one to watch in 2009. They ooze everything that is good about Rock and Roll, booze, and well...booze.

For the life of me I can't figure out why this band isn't more well known. For all you though, you'd best get aboard the train to Blackoutville quick.

Please enjoy: The Ballad of Little Bangs and an alternate take of How much is too much.

*For some crap reason, and another shining example of how the computer Gods hate me, I'm unable to upload the video of this show from my video camera because my computer is like "Whatever man, I don't feel like watching it so I'm gonna shut down without warning. Okay?"
So, you'll have to be okay with the images above because that was all I could pull.

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