Friday, October 31, 2008

Bad Times are good
Click here to fold wood.

Sometimes I think that I should move to Memphis because I seem to gravitate toward the type of Rock and Roll that is associated with that whole Goner Records vibe, but then I remember that I already lived in Tennessee and it didn't work out too well. I know, I know...Nashville and Memphis are two totally different cities, but the true fact remains: I am a person of the coast. East, West, North, South...I guess I just like to live on the edge. Whatevs..

I was tooling around my library and came across this one off album by a one off band called Bad Times. It has three members: Eric Oblivian of The Oblivians, Jay Reatard of The Reatards, who these days is best known as the guy covered in blood and standing in his underwear, and King Louie of the Royal Pendletons. It's not going to win album of the year or anything, but that's only because the Grammy's don't have a category for Lo-fi, fuzzed out, alcoholic rock. They should though. Also, this is not from this year. Yeah.

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