Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A request...

Hello everyone. To those of you who read my last post and left a comment...thank you so much. As it stands now, Mrs. Robot is in Boston with her mum while my two little doggies and I are holding down the homefront.

Things aren't looking any better, but don't fret...they aren't looking any worse.

Anyway, I'm sitting at my turntables attempting to rip some vinyl for you guys and for some reason I had a flash back of this party I DJ'd back in 1991. The reason that night stands out in my memory is because my buddy Slim, a lesbian who lived as a dude, helped me lug my records over there and ended up having a straight chick get totally hooked on her. Yeah, alcohol definitely had a big part, or maybe this unknown young lady had lesbian tendancies.

So to continue, I was spinning a bunch of random, fun records and getting the kids shakin' when I decided to put on this one red vinyl 12" by a girl named Elisa Fiorillo. The song was called "Ooh, this I need."

While that song played the entire party became one huge make out festival and watching my boy...I mean girl...Slim, kiss this young miss who actually had no idea that Slim was a female, got me happy to see such fun.

That being said...if any of you guys have an mp3 of Elisa Fiorillo's song "Ooh, this I need" I would be skyrocketing with joy. I don't remember if it was even a good song, but I'm just trying to grasp such a happy memory in full. Thanks. Music to come soon...for now however, please open a beer and enjoy the always incredible Frank Black.

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Anonymous said...

The song is off the 1990 album "I Am". You can get it here.