Thursday, February 21, 2008

I'll say it twice - The Oblivians ROCK!
Click here to grow balls and talk to that chick.

Because all of you kids have been good and kept your drinkin' shoes in the closet for a while, tonight I'd like you all to let em' loose and crack open a bottle of Black Nightmare while you do.

Get down to the wild sounds of The Oblivians because there's only two types of music:

Rock and Roll.


ignacio esteban said...

Hola Bienvenidonuevamente:
Muchas gracias por tu esfuerzo, tiempo y la excelente música.
Los mejores deseos.
Salud, triunfo y lo mejor para los tuyos.

hdvns said...

Thanks for the rock and roll. Hope things in your life are coming 'round for the better!

Seera said...

I have been looking everywhere for stuff of Greg Cartwright's bands, and haven't even been able to find more than a couple cds on amazon, and an LP on ebay. Thank you for posting all of his work, it really is a godsend.