Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hello, end of August.

It's been a while since I've posted here and since I care about my readers I figure I'll tell you there's been such a delay.

Mostly, I've been waiting out this nasty case of blogger's disease. Peanut over at Peanut's Playground told me to safeguard myself, but like a fool I ignored the advice and fell victim to caring if people left me comments.

It made me sad that so many dowloaders forget to say thanks.
I say "forget" because I'd like to give so many the benefit of the doubt.
That being said, here are a few albums that are completely enjoyable if you are in the right mode.

Oh, robot.

Metallica - Kill em'all

This album was delivered to the world by a band that was the awesomest at what they did in that timeframe. Unfortunately in recent years they aren't as important. Maybe it's because I'm older and I expect much more?

Hey Cliff, how's Heaven?


Bellevue - Demo recordings

Next up are the demo recordings of a band named Bellevue. They have since switched out a few members and whittled themselves away into a three piece. They are now called Des Roar. (check earlier post for link)

It's clear that the songwriter and lead singer, Ben Wolcott, has had a few sleepless nights in bed listening to headphones blaring The Strokes fronted by a two headed Lou Reed/Brian Wilson monster hell bent on destroying the fucking guitar.

A rad band.

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terryinwva said...

i'm getting your rss feed, so i must have downloaded from you. i usually say thanks, but just in case, thanks for your efforts!