Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dirty Carl Show Vol. 25

Hi'ya folks! You'll know what to do from here.
Dirty Carl Show Vol. 25
Track list in the comments.


Oh, robot said...

Dirty Carl Show Vol. 25
I hope you enjpy what I don't remember making. Ha ha.

1. Ben Wolcott (Des Roar) - Spend the day with you
2. The Flies - Ain't no woman
3. Will Prott (The Mummies) - Under my eyes
4. Thee Oh Sees - Wait all nite
5. Astrud Gilberto - The telephone song
6. The UFO Club - Be my baby
7. Denise James - Love's got me crying again
8. Chuck Prophet - Gotta get back
9. Strange Boys - Dare I say
10. The Raindrops - Isn't that love?
11. Fresh&Onlys - What's his shadow still doing here
12. White Fence - Stomach sexes
13. The Fuckaroos - I miss the jams
14. Allo Darlin' - Wu Tang Clan
15. Babies on Acid - Grrl!
16. Aislers Set - Balloon song
17. Darwin Deez - Constellations
18. Mikal Cronin - Am I wrong?
19. SeaPony - Prove to me
20. Danzig - Mother
21. The Bikes (Dirty Carl) - Trust
22. Frances Yip - Green is the mountain

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