Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Thee Dirty Carl Show # 20 (You might have to drive home, but I hope not)

Click here because Leslie Neilsen commands you to.

Obligatory Statement:

This shit will rock your fucking socks off of your feet.

Regular statement:

Hey guys and gals, it's me again. Don't worry... I'm not mad that I wasn't invited to your birthday party last week. The folks at that restaurant don't particularly dig me anyway. For some reason unknown to me, eateries shun people pulling out spay cans and drawing large scale robots on their walls. Go figure?

This is the Dirty Carl Show Volume twenty. This means I've done this more than nineteen times. Math... it's only important when your counting. Yeah...

The internet isn't the devils playground musically so much these days, but we'll manage. Wait... actually, it still is. I just wanted to seem empathetic for a change.

Do me a favor, will ya? Play this at that moment where the squares have all gone home and the super duty motherfuckers are left in the room with their like minded cohorts. Somebody's gonna puke, I'm sure. 

1. The Feeling Of Love - I could be better than you
2. Cococoma - Messenger
3. Thee Oh Sees - Wrong idea
4. Pow Wows - I love my Goldifox
5. Blasted Canyons - Ice Cream man
6. Ty Segall - Johnny
7. The Mallard - Iggy Pop
8. Demons Claws - All three eyes
9. Fidlar - No waves
10. Bleeding Knees Club - Lipstick
11. Oblivians - No butter for my bread
12. Tyvek - Outer limits
13. Total Control - Rogue abortion
14. Ahlah La's - Catamaran
15. The Paperhead - Stacey Grove
16. White Fence - Latch Keys
17. Fresh & Onlys - I would not know the devil
18. Reigning Sound - Call me
19. The Beets - Now I live
20. Dinosaur Jr. - Feel the pain
21. Diamond Rugs - Totally lonely
22. Mastabeta - Lies and deception
23. Adam Green - What a waster

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