Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dirty Carl Show Vol. # 14
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It's almost Christmas time... a time where even the most dark hearted Satanists come together and exchange gifts, sit around the cauldron, and make sweety sweet love to corpses. Wait... what?

I actually don't remember what I was going to say so I'll improvise as best I can...

Aw, fuck it. Kim Jong died today. I like trains. Here's the latest addidtion to the Dirty Carl radio hour... # 14... it ain't for sissies or bitchy cunties. Really... what the fuck am I saying?

BE ADVISED: This show is great with whiskey!

1. Ty Segall - Cherry Red
2. Sic Alps - L'Mansion
3. Reigning Sound - Lyin' girl
4. Tyvek - 4312
5. Germs - Richie Dagger's crime
6. John Wesley Coleman - Come on cops
7. King Khan & BBQ - Pig pig
8. Last Year's Men - In my car
9. Miss Ludella Black - This heart is condemned
10. Moonhearts - I hate myself
11. Mummies - I'm down
12. Oblivians - Dearest darling
13. Pow Wows - Do the splash
14. Shannon & The Clams - Sleep talk
15. Strange Boys - Poem Party
16. Thee Oh Sees - Wrong idea
17. Tijuana Panthers - Don't shoot your guns
18. Traditional Fools - Rock N' Roll baby
19. Des Roar - Tunnel of love
20. Cramps - Save it
21. Coachwhips - Goodnight good buy

Think I'm kidding?

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Oh, robot said...

I really hate spam-bots. At least program your stuff to understand what type of post you're commenting on.

That said, if you've enjoyed the show... let me know or else I'll think that there was a nuclear war and I'm the only person left on Earth. Gulp...