Thursday, October 6, 2011

Des Roar - The watchers

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The Detroit Cobras, Dan Sartain, Ty Segall, The Greenhornes.... all highly respected bands, agreed?

Gringo Starr, Doppelganger, Two Tears, Dead Sparrows... all bands you should know more about, agreed?

What does all of this name dropping aim to prove? Well, for one thing it proves that Des Roar has been quietly fluttering beneath the radar for quite some time touring constantly with these bands, but it has indeed been enough time for these NYC Rock N' Rollers to embed themselves within a scene so fickle it may dump you a minute after you ask it to the prom. Guess what? Des Roar have a whole bag of corsets to supply your little young frames with and nothing suffers because of it.

What we have here is a band that has made music from the standpoint that a glass of Powers whiskey atop a bar has. The glass of beautiful booze is looking out at the crowd and you know beyond the shadow of a doubt that it's making fun of you, but not in a mean spirited way. No dude... it just wants you to have a good time and it wants to get you laid. There is no difference between it and the music of Des Roar.
(Don't mind the Gorillaz-esque artowrk)

Like a tagged up locomotive this band rumbles down the track. Sure, they're not breaking any new ground, but they ain't no copy cats either. What we have here is a solid Rock N' Roll record from a gang of kids who've adopted the LES as their place to be for the past decade or so.

That's not to say that they've abandoned their West coast sunshine and surf roots... no way man. This entire record is equal parts sun, surf, and subway train. It's easily the soundtrack to fucking, fighting, drinking, and breaking up. In fact, I'd be surprised if some douche bag record company guy didn't make a slimy appearance at the next ten of their shows just trying to coerce them into signing the wrong type of deal where their tunes are lent to reality shows to give those show insta-cred, but Ben, Ryan, Lyla, and Alan know so much better. They know that money isn't king. They know that as customers of Rock N' Roll, they need to provide something a whole lot better than all the rest of the shit clogging up peoples Ipod's.

Folks, the Robot has NEVER given you a bad road to follow. I've covered this band in the past and have done so with no expectation of having people disagree. Hold on...


Enjoy The Watchers by Des Roar!

R.I.Y.L. Detroit Cobras, Jesus and Mary chain, The (old) Strokes, Ty Segall, and the like...

And don't forget to check Kloke Records here.
It's their first release and what a strong first release it is!


Anonymous said...

well put.

Anonymous said...

love it !! and Them

Oh, robot said...

I'm super surprised there aren't 100 downloads by now... you guys must hate rock n' roll.