Monday, May 31, 2010


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Now, here's a little Detroit grown folk-pop masterpiece that was completely overlooked upon its release. Of course Rodriguez has always had a core group of followers, but while the Dylan's of the world became iconic, Rodriguez always came off like the drunk dude at the end of the bar. His presence started becoming known among todays kids when the Fresh & Onlys backed him on his 2009 tour.

Fun fact: After quitting the business, he had no idea that he went platinum in South Africa until his daughter found a write up on the internet.

Funner fact: Television's Mr. Rogers wore those cardigans to cover up a bunch of forearm tattoos he got while in the service. He has fuck New York written on his chest.

Disclaimer: I made up the part about his chest, but at least I succeeded at making you, a grown dude, think about an old mans chest. Ewww!

*She's only been awake and talking to me for less than five minutes and already I've been asked about why I didn't do this or do that etc; -Fuck. Boys, be careful who you may not be what they want.

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chris said...

Awesome record. The David Holmes remix of 'Sugarman' from his Come Get It I Got It record is what got me turned onto Rodriguez. Thank God he did! The remixed track is great btw.