Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy April!

Getting old isn't like what they show you on TV. It isn't the old dude with the "Hoveround" jetting across the Grand Canyon or Bernice trying to catch up... it's far slower.

It's like suddenly you wake up and your hair is beginning to show signs of change. Fortunately I'm not on the balding team. My hair is that of a lion... from Puerto Rico.
Curly hair may make the chicks say "ooh wow" but it ain't no easy dog to train.

Overnight I sprouted about twelve grey hairs. The weirdest part is that they are so overly noticeable. A young gal once said it looked gallant. She was right.

Beside that, getting older is like a reversed irony sucker punch. You start sporting a mustache because it's funny and then all of a sudden you start spelling it "moustache" and the whole world sings along with you. I don't actually spell it that way mind you. Although honestly, I can't sip a drink in a room without someone granting mine a compliment. How weird is that?

Maybe getting old is looking like a sketchy Uncle or the worlds bestest friend evarrrr?

Either way, it's still good to know that getting old means that you can laugh at kids in leather pants, dudes with stretched out earlobes, Hip Hop cats with fly kicks, chinese character tats, Aviator glasses, and pasta... (what? It makes you fat)


Le Ladies said...

Hey! Nice moustache ride.

£|1i£! said...

Hello Old Friend,
I thought of you today and remembered our many trips on the 656 and how we often had a heart to heart about life. I miss our talks greatly...

Oh, robot said...

^ Well, hello there kiddo! I hope life is kind to you. Are you still in Detroit??

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this post.

I'm going to be 48 in a few months.
My hair is starting to sprout grays, too. AND where did all my energy go ?

It seems like yesterday i was in the front row at The Whisky A-Go-Go watching the Dead Boys, and was in the mosh pit in my Docs at a Ramones/Black Flag show.

Oh well, i might not have the energy and smooth skin i once had, but i can still blast the punk rock.

Oh, robot said...

^ Being young at heart will always get you the right kind of action too!