Monday, January 25, 2010

The Horrors - Vent

Click here or the hostage gets it!

Not to be confused with Faris Tombstone or whatever those English Horror lads call themselves, these Horrors are from Iowa. What else comes from there?

Besides the state being a major force in the soybean industry, I couldn't find a lot. I'll have to visit. The only problem with that is that I take terrible notes when I'm drunk. Usually they start out informative, but they soon develop into crude drawings of naked women with pumpkins for hands and things of that nature. One time I was following someone who I thought was a local rapist. When I handed the notes to the cops they were excited that a citizen took such an acute attention to detail, but that all all changed when they realized the suspect was Caucasian, six foot tall, and was wearing the "strenuous costume of a shy zebra/ long pony hybrid"

Apparently I had begun writing a poem.

This album, produced by Memphis Garage legend Greg Cartwright, is not something that I'll keep on repeat, but I can promise you that no dirty old bar should be without a copy of this in their jukebox.


Anonymous said...

This album is actually incredibly derivative, boring and really pretentious. However, their fist album is pretty good. Thank the lord they seem to no longer exist!

Anonymous said...

I believe they were a very good band, they always let me feel something when I listen to them.
But probably the band of the previous anonymous will be more interesting indeed.
thanks for sharing.

cameron jones said...

Have you heard Paul Cary's record "Ghost of a Man"? It's AWESOME. I've had it on repeat for a month. Lo-fi rootsy bluesy garagey...esque...