Thursday, December 11, 2008

Reigning Sound indeed!
Click here to avoid that not so fresh feeling below.

I don't remember where I actually got these from, but hopefully they're new to some of you. I really can't wait until they put the new album out. I swear, the stalker in me wants to fly out to Asheville, NC just to hang around suspiciously near a diner in hopes of coincidentally bumping into Greg Cartwright. If that happened I'd be like:

"Oh, excuse me. Hey...aren't you...Man, I'm sorry...what's your name? It's on the tip of my...wait! You're that guy from Reigning Sound??!? Yeah, man... do you live around here? My friend is a big fan so that's how I recognize you."

That scenario would be plausible until I began showing up everywhere he ever went.

Anyway, enjoy this semi-acoustic set from Thacker Mountain Radio. It's good.


liza jane said...

haha i swear i totally never did that. ok, maybe once. actually, he saw me changing clothes behind a van on the street one time. it was more embarrassing for him than me. true story.

ybf said...

i live in asheville, and thanks, i've never actually listened to the Reigning Sound, they are playing with Rodriguez here soon, come out i put you up, and force you to eat my music, here's some you want more, please tell me, it is nice to find something local on this flat earth.

Anonymous said...

Man-o-Man you post some of the best stuff!! Hate to admit this is my first comment after several helpings.
I especially love the RS you by any chance have the Two Sides To Every Man e.p...never seen or heard it...I asked a friend of mine that went to Greg's old shop in Memphis to try to get a copy for me...Greg laughed and sent me a Beasts of Bourbon poster off the wall instead. Also desperately seeking Compulsive Gamblers "Gamblin' Days are Over" think it's out of print.
Thanks for the great blog...keep it goin', please...we've lost so many lately...RIP CosmoZebra

Oh, robot said...

^ I actually own that e.p. I'll put it up as soon as I can figure out some wiring issues I'm having. Translation: No vinyl rips for now.

sport9000 said...

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