Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Beneath a Tennessee sky

"Been in Nashville for approximately one month. People are friendly, but it's not the old country paradise I was looking for. Maybe it's because I don't have cable and didn't realize the "new" country rules these parts, but what the hell happened to good ol' country and western?"

There's a bar down the lane with a poster in the window that says "Top 40 Night!"
That's a little dissappointing isn't it?
I met the old bass player for Johnny Cash. He was inducted into the hall of fame that night. He wore cool wallabees and dark jeans. He was over 70 years old.
I shook his hand and wondered if I'd break it beacuse it was so frail.

Enjoy the stuff that helps me get through the days...

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Cotton said...

oh shit is that the giant cross in Texas? God I hope so, because I'm not certain we need more than one "largest cross in the western hemisphere"

Oh, robot said...

Hey Cotton,

I actually don't know what state it was in. There was just a bunch of pics on the camera.

Thanks for stopping by!